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Wholesale Single Channel Sip Plan

If you are already paying for your Internet connection, why not use your connection to make your phone calls, for a fraction of the cost of your old PSTN phone service. Some call your make on the NVD VoIP network are at no charge. If your calling another customer, who also has there phone service with NVD then there is no charge for that call.

All Network Voice and Data phone planes, including - Wholesale single channel VoIP Service over the Internet as the new way to make and receive phone calls required once your connected to the NBN Network.

Don't worry you do need to be a tech head to use VoIP at home. When you make a call on your phone, it is the same way you have been used to pre- nbn.

It is as simple as picking up the phone and dial the requited telephone number.

How simple is that!!!!

All hardware supplied by Network Voice and Data is pre-configured for simplicity and to ensure your experience is hassle free and seamless.

Receiving calls also works the same. Your phone will ring just like it used to, with all the existing functions pluse more now available from your service

We treat each customer as a wholesale customer in order to deliver the best price available.

Sip Basic
0.00 per Month
Sip Sprint
$9.95 per Month
Sip Endurance
$19.95 per month
Untimed Calls $0.12 50 Included Included
1300/13 Calls $0.37 $0.35 $0.35
1800 Calls $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Mobile Calls $0.25 min $0.25 min $0.25 min
National DID $2.95 1 Included 1 Included
PORT your existing number $6.95 + Setup $5.95 + Setup $5.95 + Setup
VoiceMail Included Included Included
Max Supported Channels One Two Two
Timed Call Credit $0.00 $0.00 $5.00
Special Notes:
  • No charge for calls made to other Network Voice and Data customers who use our voip network.
  • Included at no charge a complete set of features: Voice Mail including Voice Mail to Email and Call Forwarding.
  • Wholesale Termination Rates - EffectivelyÂeach customer as a wholesale customer
  • One DID phone NumberÂis included to either Sip Sprint or Sip Endurance plans. You may ask as many additional numbers as you want allowing additional $2.5 per month.
  • We are able to port your existing telephone number or allocate a new one in the preferred geographical location within Australia.
  • We are happy to assist you to configure your own equipment alternatively you may& purchase all required from our site.
  • Emergency calls that are made to (triple 0) 000 are available only if you have Australian DID number.
  • Need to dial international, please ask sales to unblock your account and ask about our low international call rates.
  • Login to your account portal as shown in the introduction letter gives you a complete history of all calls made and received, as well as set up diversions.
  • Please contact our sales department if you need any hardware or handsets
  • 3cx Android and IOS application is available for use on all planes except for the Sip Basic Plan.'
  • Timed Call Credit is not transferable or able to be rolled over